The implementation of UFWG programme and activities emphasizes the following:

a) Collaboration and support: UFWG works closely with government departments including the Forest Sector Support Department (FSSD) on issues of policy development and promotion of national forestry programmes.

b) Information sharing: The network has developed a website ( for members and key partners to share information regarding critical forestry issues. The website presents profiles and responsibilities of members subscribing to the network in their respective areas of operation across the country. In addition, online and offline information, opportunities and updates in the forest sector are given to members via email, workshops, meetings and publications.

c) Member participation in programme and activity implementation: The network assigns (through Contract) UFWG members responsibility for implementing activities. Participating UFWG members are selected through a transparent process involving vetting solicited proposals. Both the secretariat and the Steering Committee participate in the vetting process.

d) Coordination: the UFWG Secretariat coordinates UFWG member’s participation and contribution towards in country policy level processes such as those geared towards addressing climate change, particularly the Reduction of Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) initiatives. Majority of members subscribe to the multi-stakeholder committee responsible for overseeing advancement of REDD+ preparations for Uganda.