UFWG Strategic direction focuses on the following:

a) Core business of the UFWG: the Network will focus on Advocacy and lobbying for good forestry related policies and governance in Uganda, Generation and dissemination of knowledge and information about forestry resources and factors influencing sustainable forestry resources management in the country, Capacity building for UFWG members and other stakeholders in various aspects of sustainable forestry resources management, Promoting Sustainable forestry resources management practices and, Managing the UFWG network.

b) Harnessing opportunities within the External Environment: the Network will seek to exploit its strength and uniqueness and ensure that it becomes competitive in terms of offering support and advice to forestry sector in Uganda.

c) Progression towards growth and sustainability: the Network will aim at strengthening its members to have a national coverage and strengthen membership services, securing and nurturing partnerships and collaboration and through improving its identity through quality services, communication, branding and outreach undertakings.

d) Strengthening the Network capacity to deliver its mission: the Network will strive to strengthen its technical and management capacities, facilities, funding base, internal policies and control systems and procedures for self-regulation and governance systems and processes.