Application: Interested individuals, organisations and institutions fill the application forms obtained from the Secretariat. For organisations and networks, a copy of the organisation profile, registration certificate are attached to the application form together with an annual work plan for activities implemented during the year of application, as may be appropriate.

For an individual applicant, Curriculum vitae for the applicant should be attached to the application form prior to submission.

Online applications can be downloaded from the UFWG website. Alternatively, the Secretariat can email you an application form when contacted

Submission: Submission of the application form can be done both electronically by email or physical delivery of the form to the UFWG Secretariat at Environmental Alert Offices Kabalagala. Both submissions should be accompanied by a receipt for payment of membership application fees (UGX 10,000/=) and annual subscription fees (communicated to the applicant at the time of application with the cost dependent on membership category as set by the 2012 AGM).

Evaluation and Feedback: The application will be reviewed and assessed by the UFWG steering committee and the applicant will receive a written notice informing them of the status of their application.